Welcome to Pbel Durgotsav!

Durga Puja is one of the important festivals celebrated since the medieval period, and has evolved and adapted to the world as time passed. The festival celebrates life, culture, traditions and customs. It is a 5 day festival of complete engagement.

We started our journey a year back when few families came together with an objective to bring the Ma Durga in Pbel City. Year 2016, in a journey of firsts which is always tough, we took part in a passage that was catalyzed by our event sponsors, volunteers and the entire residents.

I’m 68, and I always miss this puja atmosphere when I’m in Hyderabad. In the cities, we have become much more obligatory towards this celebration -take office leaves, do shopping, it’s mundane, as if we all do it for the sake of it. Here, look at everyone – it’s like the entire society is out for a feast!”  —   stated by one of our senior citizen during last year’s Prasad distribution marked the success of last year’s event and set course of managing the expectation this year.


The Foundation Year – 2016 

Durga Puja @ PBEL City - The Year of Puja Foundation
Durga Puja @ PBEL City – The Year of Puja Foundation

Durga Puja means more to us than just an annual religious festival- it is a celebration of life, it is a time for coming together, reunion , rejuvenation and rebirth of our spiritual self.

 “You can take the craze of Diwali in Delhi, Christmas in London, Summer Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Valentine’s day in Paris and then add it to the month long madness of Olympic Games or the World Cup and cram all that into a span of 5 days and you still wouldn’t know what you are missing if you haven’t attended Durga Puja”.-Vir Sanghvi


This year the festival is planned from 25th to 30th September,17 and is celebrated for the 2nd time in the Club House of PBEL CITY, Hyderabad.

Location Details : PBEL CITY, Hyderabad , 500091